Partner: Esperanza Coffee Group

This family-run coffee milling, roasting and exporting company
plays one of the most integral parts of our current supply chain.

An integral part of your coffee's story:

Once Gus’s workers have picked the coffee cherries at Santa Elena, Gus uses an ecological wet coffee mill that contaminates little water.  The coffee is fermented for one day before washing and shipment to a dry mill named Esperanza Coffee Group Here the coffee beans are sun-bathed a few days until they are sufficiently dry and ready to be stored for a couple of months until their best flavour is maximized.

Esperanza’s production standards prohibit the use of mechanical dryers and electronic sorting machines because they can devastate the bean’s chemical and structural makeup, which could result in compromised coffee. Instead, Esperanza employs people in need of jobs to do the delicate human-handed work, including roasting, prepping and packaging coffee right on the same premises, where careful quality control can be assured from start to finish.

With its small producers association (Aldea Global de Jinotega), Esperanza was the First Place winner at the Cup of Excellence Contest for the years 2002 to 2005 consecutively.

Mission Statement

Esperanza Coffee Group, S. A. is a socially sensitive corporation committed to the export of high quality specialty coffees on the international markets based on the promotion of environmentally friendly agricultural practices through use of reforesting to promote shaded coffee plantation and the use of environmentally friendly fertilizers and pesticides .

Their ethically traded coffees contribute to the economic growth of Nicaraguan farmers and their communities.


Esperanza Coffee Group’s values are based in Christian principles of promoting business with justice and equality. They are committed to the continuous formation of alliances with individuals, organizations and companies that share those values.


Esperanza Coffee Group, S. A. seeks to position itself as a company serving both the international coffee market by supplying them with high quality organic, fair-trade and specialty coffees as well as serving the local farmers by assisting them to consistently produce coffees which meet and surpass international expectations with healthy and sustainable environmental practices and with a vision of social responsibility. 

Map of Matagalpa, Nicaragua