At Ethical Coffee Chain, you get to be your own coffee
importer, changing the lives of many in the process!

ECC is a consumer co-operative. Consumer co-operatives are corporations owned and run by their customers who are, in turn, also their members. A great example of a co-operative like ECC is Mountain Equipment Co-op.

Becoming a member is easy! Anyone over the age of 16 can become a member by signing up for a monthly coffee subscription or by paying a one-time lifetime membership fee of $2.

Members have benefits:

  1. A percentage of the co-operative’s profits at the end of the year.
  2. An equal vote at our annual general meetings where we make decisions about:
    • How to distribute our profit.
    • How to price our coffee.
    • What new initiatives we should invest in.
  3. A guarantee that we will offer the lowest possible price to our consumers while still ensuring fair prices to our farmers and our co-op’s continuing growth.
  4. The knowledge that their purchase will improve lives.

Members are welcome to:

  • Support the co-op through the purchase of coffee.
  • Help finance the co-operative through investments.
  • Help direct the co-ops Board by participating in Annual General Meetings, voting and giving feedback.
  • Volunteer their time to assist with ECC operations.
  • Promote the co-op by sharing our story, our coffee, and our dream.

*While members get an equal say in annual general meetings, they are not financially responsible or liable for the co-op’s decisions on a personal level. Our ultimate goal is to join our collective consumer power with other folks just like us. As a spirited, like-minded group of coffee drinkers, bonded by a common desire to change how the coffee industry works, we are kindling a movement for just and equitable trading practices between coffee producers and consumers.

The formula for success is simple: The more members we have, and the more demand for coffee we build - the more affordable it becomes, and the more we can provide for coffee farmers and labourers. This is consumer power, leveraged for the greater good! Join today!

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