Our Values

These are the underlying values that guide our mission.

Knowing your bean: We aim to build a dynamic and responsive network of communication among our members. Access to information is a prime directive, and that applies to everyone, including the general public. We are open, unconditionally, about all internal operations – that means anyone and everyone can check out our books or verify the conditions and practices involving everyone in our supply chain.

Honesty: To achieve goals collectively, the presence of trust among ourselves comes first and foremost. We believe that trust can only grow in an environment of honesty which provokes an active and shared awareness. We’ll work to forge direct links between our members and their farmer so those who grow coffee and those who drink it can come to a genuine understanding of one another. We believe this is the only way for a distant producer to hold an open and honest dialogue with their connected consumer, and vice versa.

Social responsibility: As a co-operative, ECC has a collective responsibility to society, both locally and globally. But we also carry an often overlooked social responsibility as individual consumers in the day to day. Let’s face it – you can’t always be certain what injustices your dollars are supporting in the largely unchecked bazaar that is today’s globalized marketplace. This is why ECC’s very essence impels consumers to take personal responsibility for the impacts of their day-to-day purchases by making better choices available. As everyone knows, knowledge is power…and with this great power comes great responsibility.

Caring for others: Ethical Coffee Chain orchestrates long-term development solutions to improve the quality of life of those in our direct trade community (the Farmer and his workers). Of course, this indirectly enriches our society at large. Our members take their power as consumers and direct part of their product’s profit back into the community it comes from.

Self-Improvement and Growth: As our co-op membership grows, we will be able to multiply the scope of our long-term vision: the constant betterment of our farmers’ communities, an ever-broadening menu of affordable quality coffees, and the reduction of our environmental footprint on the whole.