Interested in buying our coffee in bulk?
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Offer something truly different:

Impress your patrons or clients with your directly-sourced coffee! Show them the story of the coffee and the people of its farm using the materials that will be available exclusively to wholesale buyers.

Even businesses and organizations (cafes, restaurants, camps, etc…) can become members of ECC and equal owners of the co-operative!

Member benefits:

  • A percentage of the co-operative’s profits at the end of the year.
  • A say on every detail of production and delivery.
  • An equal vote at our annual general meetings where we make decisions about:
    • How to distribute our profit.
    • How to price our coffee.
    • What new initiatives we should invest in.
  • A guarantee that we will offer the lowest possible price to our wholesale consumers while still ensuring fair prices to our farmers and the growth of the co-op.
  • Knowing that your purchases will change lives (and seeing it happen over time.)